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Closure of the escalators of Via Pellini

For restauration works the escalator from via Pellini to via dei Priori are at the moment stopped

On the 31 July 2019 restauration works for the escalators of via Checchi-via Pellini-via dei Priori and of those of the Parking place of Piazza Partigiani, with the following schedule:

- 31 July – starting of the worksite in the area Pellini, and protection of the steps, walkable for the whole duration of the works;

- From Sunday 4 August early closure of the escalators at h. 10:00 pm;

- From Sunday 19 August closure of the escalators between the Parking lot of Pellini and via dei Priori;

- From Monday 2 September closure also of the part between via Checchi (station Cupa Minimetrò) and via Pellini;

- From 1 Novembre (dates to be confirmed) closure of the escalators from the parking lot of Piazza Partigiani.

For the works of the escalators of Pellini it is foreseen a duration of about 10 months.

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